Senin, 02 Mei 2016

The Piano Guys. Lovable Melody.

I ever told you that I were not good in music. I can't play music. I never do well in playing any music instrument. But I ever told you so, that sometimes I love to listening music. Some melodies make me melting, some rhytms make me happy, or sad, or I don't know what feeling I can tell you properly.

I've found The Piano Guys when I was doing my thesis for undergraduate student, 3 years ago. When I felt stuck with my "never-ending-boredom", I usually do my break activity. Reading, watching movies, or listening music.

So, why I love those guys? Why I love "how they play their music like a trance"? And who is Piano Guys?
I can't explain it well.
But I'll try to explain something now.

The Piano Guys is youtube artist. Consist of some "crazy musician". They come from USA. And they doing well to execute their lovable melody. Their music  are amazing. They cover all music perfectly. And they have great-superb-amazing-beauty scenery of their video clip background. Almost all of their video clip make me like I were fly away in another world.  You'll see The Great Wall of China on Kungfu Piano. Scotland Northern Highland on This is Your Fight Song. Some Snow Field on When Stars and Salt Collide. Oahu on What Are Word. And the most epic video in my opinion is Peponi, which taken on the peak of grand canyon! How crazy they are :))

See Jon Schmidt the pianist and Steven Sharp Nelson as a cellist will appeal your spirit comes back. It isn't because they are foreigners and handsome. But, they do their job wholeheartedly. And their passion affect you to do your job wholeheartedly too.

They have accompanied me finished my undergraduate thesis. I think, they will be nice friends to my graduate thesis this year :))

This in one of their video. You must see the others. I beg you, you will say: I'll Say! after you watching this!

*I do say sorry for my bad grammar anyway :))

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  1. wow amazing.. mba benar,setelah menonton video ini kata yang pertama kali terucap adalah AMAZING.. saya suka dengan lokasi pengambilan gambarnya. keren

    1. Iya bang zaenudin. Mereka totalitas banget. Paling suka yang di Scotlandia ^^


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